HYPOGEA was created from a shared desire to bring together the professional experience of three established organizations each with more than a decade of experience in the scientific documentation of artificial cavities.

ASSO, EGERIA Subterranean Research Center and ROMA SOTTERRANEA have joined together in this new association to combine their respective areas of expertise in the service of knowledge, preservation, management and protection of underground cultural heritage.

• Research, study, preservation, management and protection of underground heritage, with particular focus on underground structures of historic-cultural interest or which represent a potential threat to public safety.
• Exploration and documentation of man-made underground structions of historic-archaeological interest by means of research and projects that enhance their scientific value.
• Initiatives, including those of a legislative nature, designed to protect and manage the value of artificial cavities of historic-archaeological interest.

HYPOGEA works in partnership with institutions charged with safeguarding Italy’s historical and archaeological heritage, as well as with national and local public institutions concerned with the location and identification of artificial cavities, public safety and the potential to open underground sites of cultural interest to tourism.
HYPOGEA is associated with the Società Speleologica Italiana and is a member of the Commissione Nazionale Cavità Artificiali. HYPOGEA is also represented in the Union Internationale de Spéléologie – Artificial Cavities Commission.

• Exploration of underground structures, including under water
• Topographic surveys
• CAD modelling
• Reconstruction of creation and use chronologies
• Bibliographic research and contextualization of the underground structure
• Correlation of the underground structure with historic and modern topography
• Air quality analysis and measurement of presence of gas (radon, CO2, etc.)
• Geological analysis
• Evaluation of environmental risks and high-level proposals for reclamation
• Development proposals
• Conceptualization of tourist visits
• Photographic and video documentation
• Scientific and educational publications
• Fact-finding, historical, documentary and scientific initiatives
•Education and training in partnership with speleological organizations, schools, universities and scientific institutes.

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